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Benefits of Artificial Turf

Lawn Heath 

The amount of work and money that goes behind maintaining your grass nice and green can be overwhelming for most of us. Having to apply fertilizer, re-seed and apply manure, apply pesticides in a annually manner is not only inconvenient but dangerous for our health and our pets. With artificial turf, you can say bye to all these chemicals and to all the money that goes down the drain trying to upkeep your lawn. Another great benefit of installing artificial turf is that your grass will maintain its beautiful green color year-round and you won’t have to deal with brown grass during the winter and cold seasons.  

Mud and Puddles

A huge benefit of having artificial turf in your home is that you won’t have to deal with mud and puddles when it rains or when your sprinkler system gets a leak. Wait that’s right, you won’t have to have a sprinkler system anymore after installing artificial turf. We all know how expensive our water bill can come in southern California. After a leak, even during a short period of time, your water bill will be relatively higher than normal. Aside from the high-water bill, you’re looking at a couple hundred dollars (depending on the size if the repair) to fix the leak. If you’re dog lover, you know that dogs love running and twirling in the mud. It may seem cute seeing them covered in mud at first, but not when they go into your home and get your floors and furniture dirty. Something as small as mud and puddles can cost you a lot of money without you knowing it. 

California Drought 

We all know how bad the water situation in California is, especially in Southern California. An article published by LA Times on February 13, 2020 stated that we might have another drought if we don’t get any rain in the next couple of weeks. According to this article 46% of the state including Los Angeles and its surrounding counties are already in abnormal dry conditions. The state will soon start to apply water restriction and will be giving fines to those who don’t follow these guidelines. Watering your grass by hand or with a sprinkler system takes a lot of water and can cost you hundreds in fines. By installing artificial turf, you will be saving yourself the headache of having a brown lawn and/or will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month. We all want to have the nicest and greenest lawn in our neighborhood but with this climate a lot of people shortly find out that it’s not possible but, with artificial turf you can rest assure that every neighbor will wish they had your lawn instead. 

Eco-friendly and No Maintenance 

One great benefit of artificial turf is that it requires very little to no maintenance year-round. With all the time that free time you can finally enjoy your yard with your family and loved ones. No more having to spend your weekends mowing and cleaning your yard or having to deal with high monthly bills form your gardener. Not only will this free up your weekends but, this is an alternative that helps fight the polluting war we are currently facing world-wide. After installing artificial turf you won’t have to use any gas powered equipment to maintain your lawn which is a point for earth. 

Home Value

Even if you’re not selling your home its nice to know that your home just up about 13% in value by re-doing your landscape. In the case that you’re a real estate agent or simply trying to sell your home, considering artificial turf as a home improvement is a great idea. Most people searching for a home will base their first impression of the home by just looking at it. The first thing you look at when approaching a home for an open house or a tour, is the outside of the home (landscape, paint, and hardscape. More times than not, people fall in love with the idea of their home having artificial turf already installed and not having to deal with grass maintenance ever again. 

Dogs Love It

If you have furry loved ones you obviously want the best for them. Sure, dogs can also play in natural grass, on concrete, on mulch, on gravel, etc. but those surfaces don’t compare to having artificial turf for your pets. The advantage of having artificial turf is that the material is tough enough to handle big dogs that love to run and jump and simply go crazy. But, our artificial turf is also extremely soft and has cushion for those small dogs that want to just lay all day in the sun. A big secret to turf that a lot of people don’t know, is that dogs won’t feel the necessity to scratch or dig holes and that’s because they wont have the smell of soil or dirt compared to having natural grass.

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